Sep 292012

This week is all out of whack as I had off Thursday and Friday, then when I tried to upload my week in pics yesterday it wouldn’t work. So I’m a day late, but here it is!

This week I wrote about:

And on to the week in pics…

Lionel caught a lizard, so we got him a name tag and tried to find a bell. Really hard to find a bell that isn't coloured or shaped like some kind of cartoon character. Then I found this collar, with a bell, for $4. Just cut the bell off it!

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Aug 312012

This past week started out incredibly sadly with the news my mother’s much loved cat, Kosi, passed away. He was found on Friday evening and had been missing for 5 days. I’m really hoping that will be the end of the crap things happening in my life. So, as we near the end of the another week, I’m hoping for good things on the horizon.

I’m excited today, specifically, as I’ve just an hour ago hit Publish on the first ever competition on KiKi & Tea! Celebrating our half-birthday with the chance to win a $100 Kuerida jewellery voucher.

I also wrote about how my wheels have fallen off, and I don’t think I care anymore.


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Aug 212012

Today’s Tip: Every ending is a new beginning.

In life there are many endings. Businesses, friendships, working relationships, gym memberships. There are deaths, there are happy endings, sad endings, endings that catch you by surprise.

All things must come to an end, one way or another. Nothing in this life lasts forever.

But it’s a mistake to dwell on the ending when it comes, as each ending is the beginning of a brand new chapter. Brand new opportunities, friendships, relationships. Brand new things on the horizon. New things to look forward to, to celebrate, to enjoy, to live, and to love. Continue reading »

Aug 172012

I’m sick as I write this, lying in bed convinced I’m dying of the plague (in reality I have a cold. But it’s a bad one!) so I’ll keep the captions fairly brief.

As always, the week began with breakfast out.

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Jul 312012

Today’s Tip: How to correctly answer a (business) phone.

Most people will, at some point in their lives, be required to answer a business phone. In my experience answering phones and working within companies I have noticed a lot of variation in the way people answer phones or like phones to be answered. Ever since I was trained to correctly answer a phone, with the logic behind why to do it that way (it was my job at the video store where this happened), I have stuck to that way of doing it like superglue on a fingertip.

So, while many people know how to answer a phone, I’ve noticed many don’t know why they should do it that way, and that’s my tip today.I’m going to use KiKi & Tea as the business in my example, mostly because “Confessions of an Undomestic Goddess” is far too long and Miss T’s Blog wouldn’t have a phone.

Here’s how you should answer a phone:

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Jul 272012

Well it was a busy weekend last weekend and it’s been a pretty busy week around here. Not least as I’m moving into a new role soon so I’ve been winding up things in this role ready for a new person to start, and preparing to move office and get stuck in to my new role. Currently feeling a bit like I’m in limbo, to be honest with you!

My mother has also gone away to PNG for 8 weeks for work. I can’t tell you how relieved I will be when she gets home. So without further adieu, here is my week in pics…

Had a meet up with a bunch of girls from twitter (including 2 of the writers on KK&T) and locked ourselves out... I volunteered to break in.

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Jul 262012

This would be my perfect office

This Thursday, I love… reorganising.

Let’s be honest here, I’m a few fries short of a happy meal. So I will freely admit that sometimes the things I love aren’t entirely logical, and might piss other people off. But I can’t help myself! It’s my nature! I just love reorganising!!

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hugely like organising. And I really hate putting a bunch of stuff away into a room that’s completely clear of stuff because I really believe my ideal house would be one with nothing but a bed, a sofa and television. Completely and totally clear of everything else. But once there is stuff there’s nothing I love more than throwing most of it out and reorganising everything into a perfectly organised nirvana. Continue reading »

Jul 242012

Dive in

Today’s Tip: Don’t wait for a perfect time. Just do it now.

So many of us wait for the perfect moment, the perfect time, wait for everything to be right before we do something. Whether we’re waiting to find a partner, to have kids, to leave a job we hate, to ask out that guy. So many of us are sitting around waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Well, guess what? There are no perfect opportunities. There is no perfect time. Continue reading »

Jul 132012

It’s time for my week in pics!!

I did my hair & makeup for the night out I posted yesterday.

Breakfast on Sunday. I am currently having an obsession with porridge but haven't yet learnt how to make it myself.

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Jun 142012

My pastel nails, Revlon Minted and OPI Alpine Snow

This Thursday, I love… pastel nails.

This season I am adoring pastel nails. Nails are by far the cheapest and most effective way to take your outfit from being OK to being bang on trend and this winter the trend is all about pastels. Pastel nails are a great pick-me-up to the dark colours traditionally worn in winter, or with the whites/creams/neutrals I tend to favour in winter, and they go with everything. Even when they don’t.

I mentioned this to a colleague earlier this week and the next day she had bought me a mint green nail polish. I am loving it, and I’m super duper touched she thought to do this. What a lovely gift! So while my nails are rocking the mint green and white, here are some other pastel nails for inspiration.

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