Sep 182012

Today’s Tip: Organise your house, and organise your mind.

It’s really hard to think clearly when you’re living in clutter. At least I find it is. For me, when there’s crap everywhere it’s a bit like it’s actually pressing down on me, and I find it occupying space in the back of my mind I could use for other things.

A fairly ironic thought when you consider that I’m about as tidy as a bull in a china shop but it’s true, nonetheless. So last weekend when Husband & I finished putting up the shelves I started with my brother & dad previously, it was with a great sense of relief. We then set about clearing some of the boxes cluttering the garage and filling up those shelves. Just having things in a place made me feel soooo much better.

My garage "Before"... I know, scary right?

After! Doesn't it look great?

An organised house is an organised mind.


Sep 112012

Dinner tonight

Today’s Tip: It’s OK to take time off from life, every once in a while.

Tonight we ate toast for dinner. No, I’m not sick. Yes, we do have food in the house. We just couldn’t be bothered. My day sucked, I was off my game, I made a few silly mistakes and I don’t often make mistakes at work. So when it came time to have dinner, I just couldn’t face anything more than toast.

It’s nice to be on top of things all the time but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to give yourself permission to just stop, give up, and not care for a minute. Not every meal needs to be nutritious. Not every night has to be special. Not every moment has to be full and, honestly, if you let something slide by a few times it’s highly likely nobody will even notice.

Take time off, every once in a while. It’s OK.



Sep 042012

Today’s Tip: To increase your SEO put all your keywords in the first 50 words and last 50 words of your posts.

When you become a blogger, the term “SEO” is thrown around with abandon, with very little explanation of what it is or how you can achieve it. So today I’m bringing you a quick tip that will immediately enhance your SEO.

Going backwards for a minute: What is SEO? SEO meant search engine optimization which, in simple terms, means search engines can find you. What’s the point of SEO? Why bother writing a stack of amazing content only for no one to see it! Continue reading »

Aug 212012

Today’s Tip: Every ending is a new beginning.

In life there are many endings. Businesses, friendships, working relationships, gym memberships. There are deaths, there are happy endings, sad endings, endings that catch you by surprise.

All things must come to an end, one way or another. Nothing in this life lasts forever.

But it’s a mistake to dwell on the ending when it comes, as each ending is the beginning of a brand new chapter. Brand new opportunities, friendships, relationships. Brand new things on the horizon. New things to look forward to, to celebrate, to enjoy, to live, and to love. Continue reading »

Aug 142012

Today’s Tip: Don’t waste time

Now I could talk about not wasting time waiting around for the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap, but I’ve done that before. I could also write about how we shouldn’t waste time by having a sleep in or watching some crap TV, but that’s fun so I’m not going to do that either. Instead I’d like to drop this one on you: don’t waste time doing things you don’t enjoy. Continue reading »

Aug 072012

Today’s Tip: Treat others as they would like to be treated.

Most people are aware of the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Not a bad way to live your life, something to consider in all your dealings with people and something to think about when the temptation to be mean or rude to others is strong.

However, even better than the golden rule is the platinum rule: “Treat others as they would like to be treated” Continue reading »

Jul 312012

Today’s Tip: How to correctly answer a (business) phone.

Most people will, at some point in their lives, be required to answer a business phone. In my experience answering phones and working within companies I have noticed a lot of variation in the way people answer phones or like phones to be answered. Ever since I was trained to correctly answer a phone, with the logic behind why to do it that way (it was my job at the video store where this happened), I have stuck to that way of doing it like superglue on a fingertip.

So, while many people know how to answer a phone, I’ve noticed many don’t know why they should do it that way, and that’s my tip today.I’m going to use KiKi & Tea as the business in my example, mostly because “Confessions of an Undomestic Goddess” is far too long and Miss T’s Blog wouldn’t have a phone.

Here’s how you should answer a phone:

Good Morning/Afternoon KiKi & Tea this is Tamsin Continue reading »

Jul 242012

Dive in

Today’s Tip: Don’t wait for a perfect time. Just do it now.

So many of us wait for the perfect moment, the perfect time, wait for everything to be right before we do something. Whether we’re waiting to find a partner, to have kids, to leave a job we hate, to ask out that guy. So many of us are sitting around waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Well, guess what? There are no perfect opportunities. There is no perfect time. Continue reading »

Jul 172012

Today’s Tip: Make it easy to comment on your blog!

A big part of increasing your audience is comments – receiving them, replying to them and, above all, making it easy for people to leave them. The default WordPress comment system is fairly good, I have to admit, however the Blogspot one does my head in. The options are crap! Google? WordPress? Fine. But what is TypePad? And who let LiveJournal or AIM out of the 90s?!

For this blog I use Disqus, and I love it. It notifies me via the Disqus site when anyone replies to my comments on any site using Disqus (and now you’ve had it pointed out you’ll see it everywhere), it’s easy to use and links nicely to my website, putting up my image and all that loveliness. But also because you can just type in your name, email & URL. Not convinced? Here are 25 reasons you should use Disqus. Continue reading »