Aug 232012

This Thursday, I love… chocolate!

I am pretty amazed I’ve got this far with this blog and not yet done a TILT on chocolate! I adore chocolate. Right now I’m eating yoghurt, but I’m dreaming of chocolate. With the exception of any that contain caramel, I will eat every chocolate bar and every chocolate kind you can think of, and I will love them all. White, milk, dark, give it to me!!

My favourite is milk, and my favourite favourite is Lindt Lindor balls. Oh my giddy aunt, they are amazing. Continue reading »

Jun 212012

One of Husband's creations: Peanut butter and chocolate.

This Thursday, I love… cookies.

You might feel the urge to correct me to say I love biscuits, but no, I love cookies. I enjoy the word cookie, I like the song, I like cookie cutters and I love cookies. In fact, I love cookie cutters so much I was given a set of them as a wedding present, because I just love cookies.

My favourite cookies are chocolate chip, chocolate and gingerbread. Mmm. Tasty. One year I made gingerbread men as Christmas presents for all my friends and family.

I’m married to a man who quite enjoys the odd baking escapade Continue reading »

Apr 262012
chocolate milkshake


This Thursday, I love… Milkshakes

I love milkshakes. They make noises when you get to the bottom, they’re all milky and chocolatey (I only ever get chocolate) and delicious. I feel a bit like a little kid whenever I order one (and I usually get a giggle from the waiter, which I think has more to do with the ridiculous grin on my face than actually ordering a milkshake) and the joy it brings me is just wonderful.

Once I was at a restaurant with my two nieces, and I said “May I please get a chocolate milkshake and two glasses?” the waiter replies “We have child size milkshakes if you want two of those” … “No, the milkshake is for me!” Ok, so I did share it with my nieces… Continue reading »

Apr 052012

my butt hurts what? easter chocolate bunnyThis Thursday, I love… Easter.

As a special thing, because I love you, here’s my entry to the KiKi & Tea What Easter Means To Me posts, going up over the weekend.

Easter always meant getting up early and watching the same cartoons in place of Saturday Disney every year. I swear I have seen those same ones 100 times. It meant the start of the school holidays, going to church and taking communion. It meant a pyjama clad Easter egg hunt through the bush around the house. My brother and I racing against each other to find all the eggs, which was pointless as we then had to hand them all over to be counted out and evenly distributed between us and our dad. Also, he always won. Right up until we moved out of home, we insisted on the Easter egg hunt, despite being far too old for such silliness.

After my (at that point future) husband and I got together, Easter Sunday became a big celebration with his family. A big American style breakfast and everyone coming together to celebrate. Now it’s at our home, and I have brought my own childhood by giving the kids an Easter egg hunt, in the style of my mother (my parents now join with my husband’s family).

For me, Friday and Saturday were about the Easter service, the story of Jesus. And Easter Sunday was always about fun and frivolity. Besides, I was always far too aware the bunnies and eggs were a nod to a Pagan fertility festival to associate the two.


Feb 022012

This Thursday, I love… blueberry bagels.

As I write this I have just finished eating one, covered in cream cheese. It was delicious. I’m fairly confident no blueberry ever came into contact with it, but that’s not the point. Is it boiled? Is it baked? I don’t know! But I don’t really care. Blueberry bagels are a delicious treat wrapped in an enigma and floating on ecstasy.

OK… maybe not… but they are tasty!!

If you don’t believe me, go try one. Make sure it’s the ones with sugar on the outside. Smother it in cream cheese.

Mmmmm… America…


Nov 022011

I posted about rainbow cake previously along with a recipe and instructions (which you can see here). After a couple of goes making it, I decided that while it looked amazing it didn’t taste quite as amazing. So I tried a new base recipe which is super duper tasty and the cake came out brighter than before (if you can believe it).

I have decided not to take down the previous recipe as this one resulted in a more swirly rainbow effect (as you can see above) so before making a rainbow cake, decide whether you want perfectly straight lines or a swirly effect. Personally, having tasted both, I’ll be sticking with my swirls. Continue reading »

Oct 202011

This Thursday, I love… ginger beer.

I didn’t used to like ginger beer growing up and grew to tolerate it in my late teens/early twenties. In the last month, however, I have been unable to get enough. I’ve been buying it at lunch times, and I don’t normally buy any drinks during the day but recently I am just in love.

I like the taste, it settles my stomach, makes me feel refreshed and it’s just so damn tasty. I don’t know why I avoided it all those years.

My favourite part about ginger beer, or more specifically the individual bottles of Bundaberg ginger beer, is quite childish and stupid. I love the little metal cap with the ring pull! I love the feeling of pulling apart metal, it reminds me of play school. The way everything they cut & ripped on the show had a really good sound, nothing I cut or ripped ever sounded quite the same, but this does! It’s a really statisfying feeling. And then I get to drink it with a straw!

Honestly, how could a drink get any better than that?


Sep 122011

After my last TILT, it seemed fitting when I saw this amazing recipe that I try it.

I love recipes that have a WOW factor and this one certainly does. It is amazingly tasty, simple to make and the presentation! All credit for this idea goes to Phoodie and the original recipe can be found on her blog.

Phoodie used a recipe from Nigella to make the chocolate mousse that is inside these deliciously gorgeous creations and edited it, swapping out the vanilla essence for peppermint essence. When I made mine I adjusted the whole recipe to suit the size of the blocks of chocolate I bought, originally the recipe called for 250g dark chocolate but I could only find it in 200g blocks, so I bought two. Therefore I’m reblogging the recipe here with the adjusted measures. I also stuffed it up slightly (despite Phoodie’s assurances it was fool proof) so I’m going to explain the instructions in a bit more detail as well. Continue reading »

Sep 082011

This Thursday, I love… Mint

I have always loved mint. I love mint foods, mint flavours, mint shampoo, mint body wash. Have you ever tried mint shampoo or body wash? It is all tingly and amazing, I would use it every day if I didn’t have a reaction to it.

I especially love mint when combined with chocolate. In biscuit form, slice form or within ice cream. Mint is tasty and sweet but it’s also refreshing and you don’t get that yucky weighted feeling you can get from sweets.

Growing up I had a favourite ice cream and to this day I will still order it if it’s available. I know I should branch out, but I know what I likes and I likes my ice cream this way! Waffle cone (has to be a waffle cone) with chocolate then mint choc chip.

When I made macarons recently Continue reading »

Aug 282011

rainbow cake royal icing

Update 02/11/11: There is another version of the Rainbow Cake located here which tastes better and is brighter in colour, however it does not layer in straight lines.

After buying food colouring to make macarons, then failing miserably with aforementioned macarons, I decided to put them to use. So this weekend I made a Rainbow Cake. I searched the net and found a few different variations of Rainbow Cake, including the simplified version of using 2 packets of Betty Crocker White Chocolate Cake Mix for those who need to pull together a cake quickly. My favourite was the one that appears on Not Quite Nigella and I used this recipe with some variations.

Basically to make this rainbow cake you can use any dough that will come out white. Not Quite Nigella also makes an amazing Zebra Cheesecake you could easily turn into a rainbow as well. The important bit is the method of making the rainbow which, once explained, you’ll be kicking yourself you hadn’t thought of already. Continue reading »