May 042012

Flowers from a colleague

Well, it’s my birthday! And I’m high on the excitement of it. I don’t even know why, yeah I get presents and lots of people say happy birthday, which is wonderful, but I’m not actually motivated by presents. I think I just like the attention.

Scratch that, I know I like attention.

In fact earlier this week we did a workshop on Communication Styles and I got Expressive. Which, among other things, put me firmly in the loud, outgoing, talkative category of people who like lots of feedback, recognition and applause. My reaction? Duh! The only down side of this is later, when we all did an activity where we had to talk about the possible challenges of dealing with the other communication styles, everyone picked on us. Said we were overbearing, hard to get a word in, steamroll over others. How we’re intimidating and the guy presenting (from the amiable group) even got up the courage to ask “You seem very confident, are you?” to which I said “Yes” and everyone laughed (but then another in the group went on about how she talks too much when she’s nervous and completely ruined the facade). Continue reading »

Dec 022011

Today’s guide is for the children in your life.

I’ve put kids presents together rather than separating into boys and girls as I think that’s a pretty fluid concept in children. I’ve split ths gifts into three age brackets (0-2, 2-5 and 5-12) instead of by price category. The age guides are only rough, especially having no children of my own, and I certainly don’t stick to them myself. I’d recommend looking at the adult guides for kids over 12.

Have a look back over past guides for men and women.

If you have anything to add to the list, and I could have kept going on putting this list together for days, leave it in the comments!

Age 0-2:

Teddy Bears – Always a hit. There are a huge variety of styles and sizes are available. I buy a teddy for my nieces every year (even though the eldest is now 6). I recommend buying the softest one you can find and be careful about removeable eyes for any kids under 2. Giant soft ones are available at K-Mart and I’ve bought a giant elephant and a giant monkey for my nieces this year from Kmart.  Price: $5 – $30

Plush Animals at Kmart. Price: $9

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