Dec 162011

I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by The Beauty Blot and The Musings Of Monique. Thanks ladies!

I’m not going to include either of those lovely ladies in my awards as you can link to them up there! That way I actually get to sneak in 7 (oooh, tricky tricky!). See the bottom of this post for the rules.

These are my five blogs (in no particular order):

Linzi Aitken Photography by Linzi

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Sep 162011

As we come into Spring, it’s nice to have some style inspiration. Here are the pics currently inspiring me.

What’s inspiring you?


Sep 062011

Today’s Tip: Feel what you feel.

Some things have been bothering me of late. They come to me at night in the dark and silence. They unsettle me, upset me, keep me awake. But only then, when it’s quiet and the world is asleep. The rest of the time, I push things aside. I don’t worry about them. I ignore them and I figure it will all resolve itself. I refuse to confront the way I am feeling, I refuse to feel it, to let it upset me, to let it bother me. Instead I pretend it doesn’t exist. Continue reading »

Aug 152011

As I was getting on the bus this morning, I overheard two university students talking behind me. One of them said

“I was talking with her the other day about marriage. How can you ever really know if the person you are going to marry is the right one for you? You can’t. That’s why there is so much divorce. I never want to get divorced. I don’t think I’d get married.”

This made me think. I almost turned around to join the conversation, to correct them. I believe you can know, you can, with your whole heart. I can’t tell you how, but when you feel it you are just so sure. Sure like you have never been about anything else in your life. More sure than you ever thought you could be about anything.  Continue reading »

Aug 052011

When our amazingly talented friend Linzi told me she wanted to give me a photo shoot for my birthday, the first thing I thought was I wanted photos of Peter & I. I have photos of me coming out the wazoo, what I don’t have is nice, casual, undramatic photos of my husband and I just being ourselves that aren’t in our wedding gear.

Linzi was on board with this immediately and laughed when I said all I wanted was photos that aren’t dramatic, because with the red hair, pale skin and my tendency to wear black, I almost always look dramatic. Which I am (hello drama queen), but not always!

We set out to spend a day in the city taking photos, stopped for coffee on the way, then we got sidetracked by dropping in to St Leonards Park. It seemed an appropriate place as we lived in St Leonards for years. We decided to abandon the city and shoot here instead.

On the way we drove past Gore Hill Cemetery and couldn’t resist having a go in there too. It wasn’t the undramatic, relaxed vibe we had been going for, but when we saw the gorgeous old headstones we absolutely fell in love with them. We ended up spending a fair chunk of time just walking through reading headstones and admiring the scenery instead of taking photos.

I love these photos. They have captured the way I want our future kids to remember us. Not old and wrinkly in nursing homes, but young and in love. I’m so grateful to Linzi for taking them.

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Jun 172011

Atoifi solomon islands kent marcus photographyWhen I was 7 years old, my mother went to work at Atoifi in the Solomon Islands where there is an Adventist Hospital. She trains nurses & midwives for a living. It wasn’t the first time she was sent off shore and it wasn’t the last. The difference about this trip is that she took me.

We were gone for a few months. During my time there, I felt welcomed by the community. They even had a feast in our honour – the only time I’ve enjoyed fish! They respected my mother a great deal and little blonde-haired blue-eyed me received lots of attention. I remember someone telling me that people stared at me because I was the first white child many had seen. Even though Atoifi can be dangeous, I never felt in danger and I was never scared.

At the Feast

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Jan 192011

Not long ago I was asked by a photographer friend of mine if I would be a model for a personal photography project of hers. My answer “Lets do it!” So, we did!

I love being in photos, and have often stated I think I look a lot better when I’m not moving. Also, due to not being not at all camera shy and studying photography, I’m used to being in front of a lens. Unfortunately, as I discovered when I came to graduate, I’m more used to being in front of a lens than behind one.

Linzi is a talented photographer and I’m loving these pictures.

Photography: Linzi Aitken Photography
Hair & Makeup: Me
Styling: Linzi Aitken

Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair
Tamsin Howse Linzi Aitken Photography red hair

Linzi chose different shots as her favourites, and her favourites can be viewed here.


Note: These photos have not been airbrushed, only colour correction has been performed.