Oct 292012

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about being unsure of the future of this blog. And while I still am, I would like to do a little catch up on my last few weeks in pictures. For ease of layout, these will be 3 big collages. I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether or not this blog should stay as it has been. In the past I have run Tuesday Tips and Things I Love Thursday as well as opinion pieces. Well, all my opinions are residing over on KiKi & Tea now, so perhaps this should just be stories about my life…

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Jul 262012

This would be my perfect office

This Thursday, I love… reorganising.

Let’s be honest here, I’m a few fries short of a happy meal. So I will freely admit that sometimes the things I love aren’t entirely logical, and might piss other people off. But I can’t help myself! It’s my nature! I just love reorganising!!

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hugely like organising. And I really hate putting a bunch of stuff away into a room that’s completely clear of stuff because I really believe my ideal house would be one with nothing but a bed, a sofa and television. Completely and totally clear of everything else. But once there is stuff there’s nothing I love more than throwing most of it out and reorganising everything into a perfectly organised nirvana. Continue reading »

Jul 072012

Right, so this week’s post is a bit later than usual, but for two very good reasons. LOTS of pics to get through this week, so let’s get going!!

First up we visited Husband’s parents for a few days and we took Bella (aka The Nervous Pooper).

Bella thinks lunch is for her too

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