Sep 222011

This Thursday, I love… arm party

I first saw this idea on The Simply Luxurious Life and loved it immediately. It was slightly kooky while still being incredibly stylish and appealed to my love of bracelets. The original way I saw it was in all gold with a watch, which I’d love to do at some point, but as I’m a big believer in working with what you have before investing in any new pieces, I tried this with the bracelets I already had.

I paired it with my simple MOD outfit (white t-shirt, dark jeans, black blazer) and went crazy with all the things I could fit on my arm.

This look is generally recommended to be largely metal but I thought I’d take a sentimental tact with mine and chose all pieces that hold significance to me, a wonderful way to inject both colour and care into an outfit. Continue reading »

Aug 112011

This Thursday, I love… the Georg Jensen cascade neck ring.

I first saw this necklace in store in 2007, on my first ever visit to a Georg Jensen store. I have loved it ever since. Like so many of Georg Jensen’s designs, it feels like it was made for me. It fits me perfectly and I simply adore it. It is timeless, stylish, and just aboslutely gorgeous. And, like most of Georg Jensen’s designs, there is a beautiful story behind it’s conception.

CASCADE–Nature’s course, rendered in exquisite diamonds and 18 ct. white gold

CASCADE is inspired by the emergence of springtime in a Nordic landscape, when the snow begins to melt and streams and rivers come trickling back to life. The brilliant cut diamonds catch the light beautifully, just like the first rays of sunshine on ice. Continue reading »