Oct 292012

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about being unsure of the future of this blog. And while I still am, I would like to do a little catch up on my last few weeks in pictures. For ease of layout, these will be 3 big collages. I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether or not this blog should stay as it has been. In the past I have run Tuesday Tips and Things I Love Thursday as well as opinion pieces. Well, all my opinions are residing over on KiKi & Tea now, so perhaps this should just be stories about my life…

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Sep 212012

This week I wrote about:

On to the week in pics:

My new mint pants!

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Sep 142012

Started the week by voting. This was the line at 8am... urgh.

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Sep 072012

This week things have been looking up. Nothing particularly bad happened, no cats died and I got to spend time with my brother.

On KiKi & Tea this week I wrote about:

I put up shelves in my garage! And by *I* clearly I mean my brother did it while I tried to be helpful (and got in the way)

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Aug 242012

It’s been a week of ups and downs… That’s a lie, it’s been a week mostly of downs. So, even though it’s out of chronological order, my first pic will be the flowers at the cafe this morning.

This week I wrote about:

And on to the week in pics…

Flowers at the work coffee shop

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Aug 172012

I’m sick as I write this, lying in bed convinced I’m dying of the plague (in reality I have a cold. But it’s a bad one!) so I’ll keep the captions fairly brief.

As always, the week began with breakfast out.

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Aug 032012

It’s been another week and a hectic one for me. My replacement started in my job so I spent half the week training her and the other half feeling like there must be something I’d forgotten. I start my new role on Monday and I’m excited but feeling a bit stupid because there are things I don’t know… and I must know all the things!

Really sad as I write this due to a sweater malfunction which I’ll explain when we get there… on to the week in pics.

On Saturday while Husband was getting ready for work I went downstairs. Suddenly I realise everything is off. I go back upstairs, everything has gone off there too. This was 9:15am. When we got to 10:30am and I still had no more power (Husband had gone to work) I walked to the shops and had breakfast out on my own. This was a big thing for me, you can read about it here.

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Jul 272012

Well it was a busy weekend last weekend and it’s been a pretty busy week around here. Not least as I’m moving into a new role soon so I’ve been winding up things in this role ready for a new person to start, and preparing to move office and get stuck in to my new role. Currently feeling a bit like I’m in limbo, to be honest with you!

My mother has also gone away to PNG for 8 weeks for work. I can’t tell you how relieved I will be when she gets home. So without further adieu, here is my week in pics…

Had a meet up with a bunch of girls from twitter (including 2 of the writers on KK&T) and locked ourselves out... I volunteered to break in.

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Jul 202012

It’s been a hectic week for me at work so I have to admit I haven’t had a lot of time for anything else. So just a quick one from me this week.

Started the week at a cafe as usual. I thought the reflections in the water were pretty.

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Jul 132012

It’s time for my week in pics!!

I did my hair & makeup for the night out I posted yesterday.

Breakfast on Sunday. I am currently having an obsession with porridge but haven't yet learnt how to make it myself.

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