Oct 292012

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about being unsure of the future of this blog. And while I still am, I would like to do a little catch up on my last few weeks in pictures. For ease of layout, these will be 3 big collages. I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether or not this blog should stay as it has been. In the past I have run Tuesday Tips and Things I Love Thursday as well as opinion pieces. Well, all my opinions are residing over on KiKi & Tea now, so perhaps this should just be stories about my life…

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Sep 142012

Started the week by voting. This was the line at 8am... urgh.

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Aug 242012

It’s been a week of ups and downs… That’s a lie, it’s been a week mostly of downs. So, even though it’s out of chronological order, my first pic will be the flowers at the cafe this morning.

This week I wrote about:

And on to the week in pics…

Flowers at the work coffee shop

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Aug 032012

It’s been another week and a hectic one for me. My replacement started in my job so I spent half the week training her and the other half feeling like there must be something I’d forgotten. I start my new role on Monday and I’m excited but feeling a bit stupid because there are things I don’t know… and I must know all the things!

Really sad as I write this due to a sweater malfunction which I’ll explain when we get there… on to the week in pics.

On Saturday while Husband was getting ready for work I went downstairs. Suddenly I realise everything is off. I go back upstairs, everything has gone off there too. This was 9:15am. When we got to 10:30am and I still had no more power (Husband had gone to work) I walked to the shops and had breakfast out on my own. This was a big thing for me, you can read about it here.

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Aug 022012

Porridge at the cafe

This Thursday, I love… porridge.

Over the last month I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with porridge. It’s warm, filling, lowers cholesterol (although perhaps not when you cover it in brown sugar like I do) and it’s one of the few ways I can get some fruit into Husband.

It started when I was in our regular cafe for breakfast and declared I really felt like porridge. I had some, Husband tasted mine, and we both fell in love. Shortly afterward I was at home sick and my mother came over to feed me and teach me how to make it. I’ve made it a few times now but Husband has it perfected (he’s a much better cook than me) and we’ve been having it for dinner about once a week since.

I don’t even know why I love it, to be honest. It’s glue, it’s gruel! There’s no logical reason for oats and water and milk to be so delicious but damn it, it is.


Jul 272012

Well it was a busy weekend last weekend and it’s been a pretty busy week around here. Not least as I’m moving into a new role soon so I’ve been winding up things in this role ready for a new person to start, and preparing to move office and get stuck in to my new role. Currently feeling a bit like I’m in limbo, to be honest with you!

My mother has also gone away to PNG for 8 weeks for work. I can’t tell you how relieved I will be when she gets home. So without further adieu, here is my week in pics…

Had a meet up with a bunch of girls from twitter (including 2 of the writers on KK&T) and locked ourselves out... I volunteered to break in.

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Jul 202012

It’s been a hectic week for me at work so I have to admit I haven’t had a lot of time for anything else. So just a quick one from me this week.

Started the week at a cafe as usual. I thought the reflections in the water were pretty.

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Jul 132012

It’s time for my week in pics!!

I did my hair & makeup for the night out I posted yesterday.

Breakfast on Sunday. I am currently having an obsession with porridge but haven't yet learnt how to make it myself.

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Jul 072012

Right, so this week’s post is a bit later than usual, but for two very good reasons. LOTS of pics to get through this week, so let’s get going!!

First up we visited Husband’s parents for a few days and we took Bella (aka The Nervous Pooper).

Bella thinks lunch is for her too

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Jul 022012

My cat is a nervous pooper. I’m sure you didn’t all need to know that but as she is one of the few people in my life I can embarrass on this blog without them complaining, I feel the need to tell you.

She really is. She won’t go at a strange house, and she won’t go in kitty litter. She won’t go if someone’s watching and she won’t go if you stand too close.

When we go to visit Husband’s parents we take her with us. She has always travelled well, except when it comes time to poop. So what she does is she just doesn’t… For days at a time. Although, for some reason her bowels simply can’t make that final hour trip home and she has to go. In the car. And she does.

Husband took this photo of her sitting in the window at his parents. That may look like a fat cat, but no. It’s a cat who really has to poop.