Oct 292012

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about being unsure of the future of this blog. And while I still am, I would like to do a little catch up on my last few weeks in pictures. For ease of layout, these will be 3 big collages. I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether or not this blog should stay as it has been. In the past I have run Tuesday Tips and Things I Love Thursday as well as opinion pieces. Well, all my opinions are residing over on KiKi & Tea now, so perhaps this should just be stories about my life…

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Aug 312012

This past week started out incredibly sadly with the news my mother’s much loved cat, Kosi, passed away. He was found on Friday evening and had been missing for 5 days. I’m really hoping that will be the end of the crap things happening in my life. So, as we near the end of the another week, I’m hoping for good things on the horizon.

I’m excited today, specifically, as I’ve just an hour ago hit Publish on the first ever competition on KiKi & Tea! Celebrating our half-birthday with the chance to win a $100 Kuerida jewellery voucher.

I also wrote about how my wheels have fallen off, and I don’t think I care anymore.


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Aug 102012

This week has been my first week in my new role. Lots of learning, although some of it I already know which is good. I decided this week would be the week for everything to go well, so I started it with spring cleaning on Sunday. Fairly unusual for me, I will admit, but the results have made me so happy coming home! But I’ll get to that later… on to the week in pics!

Breakfast on Saturday morning

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Aug 092012

My minty nails

This Thursday, I love… Mint!

I have previously written about my love for mint the flavour so it’s only fitting I’m also going through a bit of a mint colour phase as well. So far I’ve only been able to get my hands on mint nail polish (and that was courtesy of my beautiful colleague who bought it for me after hearing me mention I wanted some) but the other night I saw an ad for coloured jeans at $25 each for 2 or more pairs, so I’m seeing mint jeans in my future!

If you’re unsure on how to wear mint jeans, check out this handy mint multiple choice over on Fox In Flats. And while you’re there you may as well check out this guest post I did recently about making your manicures last longer. Oh yeah and this one. ;)

Are you feeling mint? Is it the hot new colour?


Jul 122012

I don’t normally post two posts in one day, but last weekend my friend Linzi and I went to the city to have dinner, dessert (at the Lindt cafe, om nom nom!) and while there we had a bit of a play around with a camera. I thought I’d share the results with you.

Don't photograph me while I'm eating macarons!

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Jul 102012

Today’s Tip: Own your decisions

Photographic evidence of me wearing leggings as pants

Have you ever changed your mind, and then been too proud to admit it? No one minds, you know. No one cares if you change your mind. No one minds if you realise you were wrong. They don’t, not really. Not if you own it. Not if you accept it, admit it, and own your own decisions. Continue reading »

Jun 282012

The t-shirt I bought for $30, original price $168... Pay no attention to the man in the mirror.

This Thursday, I love… sales

Have you noticed that lately everywhere seems to be having sales all year round? Right now it’s the end of financial year, so we expect sales, but walk into any store at any time of the year and there always seems to be something on sale. Especially David Jones. David Jones seem to have a perpetual sale.

At any rate, I love sales. Sometimes I take a leaf out of Mia Freedman’s book on twisted shopping logic and figure that if the top used to be $168 and it’s only $30, then really I have just made a profit of $138. Go me! And, on a cost per wear basis, my hair is practically free! I wear it every day!

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Jun 192012

Glad wrapped shoes

Today’s Tip: Glad wrapping your shoes.

The most commented on items in my week in pics posts (this one and this one) was my glad wrapped shoes. I have been doing this for approximately a year and while not entirely fool proof, it does work fairly well.

Why do I do it?

Simple. I live in a townhouse complex where the entry is on one road, but at the top end of the complex there is a path through bushland to an oval, and then another road. On the opposite side of that oval, on the other road, is my bus stop. Continue reading »

Jun 182012

I have been firmly in the leggings-are-not-pants camp for years now. For many reasons, mostly just because if I can see your lady business I don’t really feel you have selected an adequate amount of clothing. And, a little bit, because not everyone looks good in leggings. Especially not if said leggings are baggy, too tight, or a little bit see-through.

I’ve read many arguments regarding leggings as pants, including this one by Fat Heffalump calling it ableist , classist, sizeist, bullshit. I can’t imagine I would criticise someone in any of those situations, personally, but I take the point all the same and it did make me think about things in a different way (although I would like to state for the record that wearing leggings with a tunic top, in my opinion, is not wearing leggings as pants, and I would therefore disagree that the picture within this post depicts someone wearing leggings as pants). Continue reading »

Jun 142012

My pastel nails, Revlon Minted and OPI Alpine Snow

This Thursday, I love… pastel nails.

This season I am adoring pastel nails. Nails are by far the cheapest and most effective way to take your outfit from being OK to being bang on trend and this winter the trend is all about pastels. Pastel nails are a great pick-me-up to the dark colours traditionally worn in winter, or with the whites/creams/neutrals I tend to favour in winter, and they go with everything. Even when they don’t.

I mentioned this to a colleague earlier this week and the next day she had bought me a mint green nail polish. I am loving it, and I’m super duper touched she thought to do this. What a lovely gift! So while my nails are rocking the mint green and white, here are some other pastel nails for inspiration.

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