Oct 222012

Not at Wet N Wild, but the same age... and same swimsuit.

As I read this post from the wonderful Mrs Woog a memory came rushing back. A memory of an 8 year old me, after dark watching Pocahontas during the night-time movie in the wave pool at Wet N Wild.

As a child I was obsessed with Wet N Wild. It was my favourite theme park. Despite the fact that nobody else saw the appeal to endless pools that, inevitably, were full of child wee. Or chafing your thighs as your swimsuit rides up your bum and you fly, hair everywhere and bikini top slightly askew, into the air only to do a bum flop into a pool approximately 2cm deep. And, OK, maybe I can see their point. But as someone who wasn’t a big fan of hot weather, or rollercoasters, or anything that went too high, or too fast, or for too long, Wet N Wild was the place to be. Continue reading »

Sep 072012

This week things have been looking up. Nothing particularly bad happened, no cats died and I got to spend time with my brother.

On KiKi & Tea this week I wrote about:

I put up shelves in my garage! And by *I* clearly I mean my brother did it while I tried to be helpful (and got in the way)

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Aug 242012

It’s been a week of ups and downs… That’s a lie, it’s been a week mostly of downs. So, even though it’s out of chronological order, my first pic will be the flowers at the cafe this morning.

This week I wrote about:

And on to the week in pics…

Flowers at the work coffee shop

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Aug 062012

Me as a bubba. Everyone say awwww... Oh, and, that's not chocolate...

Let’s set the scene: I’m 3 years old. I’m sitting in the car with my mother, I’m a tiny little thing with short blonde hair, dark eyes and a super cheeky smile.

I turned to my mother and I informed her my eye hurt. She asked why, I said it was because I’d been playing in the sandpit and got sand in it. She asked me when this was, concerned that I hadn’t yet advised there was sand in my eye. I informed her it was two weeks ago, at pre-school.  Continue reading »

Jul 242012

Dive in

Today’s Tip: Don’t wait for a perfect time. Just do it now.

So many of us wait for the perfect moment, the perfect time, wait for everything to be right before we do something. Whether we’re waiting to find a partner, to have kids, to leave a job we hate, to ask out that guy. So many of us are sitting around waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Well, guess what? There are no perfect opportunities. There is no perfect time. Continue reading »

Jul 072012

Right, so this week’s post is a bit later than usual, but for two very good reasons. LOTS of pics to get through this week, so let’s get going!!

First up we visited Husband’s parents for a few days and we took Bella (aka The Nervous Pooper).

Bella thinks lunch is for her too

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Jun 212012

One of Husband's creations: Peanut butter and chocolate.

This Thursday, I love… cookies.

You might feel the urge to correct me to say I love biscuits, but no, I love cookies. I enjoy the word cookie, I like the song, I like cookie cutters and I love cookies. In fact, I love cookie cutters so much I was given a set of them as a wedding present, because I just love cookies.

My favourite cookies are chocolate chip, chocolate and gingerbread. Mmm. Tasty. One year I made gingerbread men as Christmas presents for all my friends and family.

I’m married to a man who quite enjoys the odd baking escapade Continue reading »

May 302012

I remember the day so clearly. We had travelled across Sydney in a car with no air conditioning to pick up my school uniform. It was blazingly hot and the road was steaming. We got out of the car opposite the store and went to cross the road. A car came shooting past, so close to us it almost touched. She put her arm across me and pulled me back.

“I almost had a heart attack!” I exclaimed.

“I almost had two” she replied


“One for me and one for you.”

That was it. That was the moment. That was the moment I knew my mother loved me.




May 242012

Husband takes artistic photos

This Thursday, I love… coffee!

I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far without writing this one before! Amazing! I love my coffee. I love it because it’s social, it’s warm, it’s comforting. There’s something about coffee, and I’m perfectly aware this is most probably entirely in my head, that just makes me able to face the day.

Every weekend, Husband and I go out for breakfast. There’s something about the ritual of going to a cafe, getting a coffee and some breakfast, that is soothing to the soul. We started doing it right after we bought our house, and going out for dinner was out of the equation. Breakfast provided us with the ability to go out for a meal, spend some time in each other’s company, ease into the day, and enjoy ourselves without being out of pocket too much (especially if you just get coffee and toast). Continue reading »

May 032012

One of my many pairs of pyjamas

This Thursday, I love… Pyjamas!

The other night I had to go out to buy a couple of things from the shop. We’d bought Maccas on the way home so we’d gotten out of eating dinner, but I knew I had to go run errands. So here I am, sitting on the sofa, eating my chicken nuggets complaining that I had to leave the house when all I wanted to do was get in my pyjamas and hop under my blanket on the couch. Husband tells me I don’t HAVE to go out, I can just stay in. I was so excited about the prospect of getting in my pyjamas I didn’t even finish the nugget I was eating, I leapt up and ran to change in my pjs before returning to finish my food.

I love pyjamas. I love flannel ones, stripy ones, satin ones. Continue reading »