Sep 212012

This week I wrote about:

On to the week in pics:

My new mint pants!

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Sep 132012

Strawberries are so cheap and so gorgeous at the moment!

This Thursday, I love… strawberries

How good are the strawberries right now?! It’s ridiculous! The other day I bought 3 punnets for $5 and they were juicy and beautiful and tasty. In fact, that’s them there ->>

I adore strawberries. I think they are my favourite fruit, although I did have a massive obsession with persimmons a while back. In high school I actually tried to start my own nickname as being Strawberry, I think a grand total of 2 people actually ended up calling me that and primarily because I was always putting on layer after layer of strawberry flavoured body shop lip balm Continue reading »

Aug 172012

I’m sick as I write this, lying in bed convinced I’m dying of the plague (in reality I have a cold. But it’s a bad one!) so I’ll keep the captions fairly brief.

As always, the week began with breakfast out.

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Aug 032012

It’s been another week and a hectic one for me. My replacement started in my job so I spent half the week training her and the other half feeling like there must be something I’d forgotten. I start my new role on Monday and I’m excited but feeling a bit stupid because there are things I don’t know… and I must know all the things!

Really sad as I write this due to a sweater malfunction which I’ll explain when we get there… on to the week in pics.

On Saturday while Husband was getting ready for work I went downstairs. Suddenly I realise everything is off. I go back upstairs, everything has gone off there too. This was 9:15am. When we got to 10:30am and I still had no more power (Husband had gone to work) I walked to the shops and had breakfast out on my own. This was a big thing for me, you can read about it here.

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Jun 082012

I’ll admit it – I’ve neglected you, my little blog. I’m sorry. I really am! I’ve just been so flat out with work, home and my other website, KiKi & Tea, that I’ve forgotten about you a little bit. Can we still be friends?

Lately I am loving reading blogs about other people’s lives. I love reading about opinions, and have spent many a moment reading articles about real issues, but sometimes it’s nice to switch off and admire someone else’s life for a moment. Particularly people who have really pretty, stylish, lives. With their super organised kids, their fun activities and their clean homes. At the moment I’m particularly in love with this brand new blog by my (online – although I hate making that distinction because online is just as real) friend Karen who recently lost 22kg (I know! Amazing, right?) and who has such a beautiful, happy, organised life.

One of my other favourites is Thrify Decor Chick which makes me believe I, too, could be a fantastically talented thrifty decor chick and build window seats and crap if only I applied myself… but instead I will lie on the couch with my arm trapped by a cat who is overexcited about receiving attention (even if that attention is just me moving her slightly so I can still reach my keyboard) and feel guilty that I’m not applying myself in a more meaningful way to filling my house will all the organisational tools created by Kikki.K and planning out every single detail of my day.

I have to admit, I love these blogs for the ideas they give me, but it’s more than that. I love them because it’s like looking at life porn. Continue reading »

Jun 052012

Today’s Tip: Start your day with a slice of lemon in warm water.

A great way to start your day is to drink a glass (mug) of warm water with a slice of lemon/squeeze of lemon juice in it. It’s also a bit of a cure-all during the day. Personally I find that it’s only in winter I crave this, and I make it by pouring boiling water onto the lemon then letting it cool down before I drink it. It’s a bit delicious but it also helps me feel clearer and it doesn’t bog you down like coffee can sometimes.

I find during the day I just don’t want multiple cups of tea, and this is a good alternative to warm you up and provide the comfort of tea.  Continue reading »

May 012012

Today’s Tip: Use bi-carb soda as a facial scrub.

A nice easy one for you today! Throw out all those expensive facial scrubs and products designed to foam up and give you the deepest clean, and get right to the source – bi-carb soda.

I’m convinced bi-carb soda is actually magical fairy dust because it does so many things. It cleans bathtubs, it absorbs smells in your fridge, and it can also be used as a face scrub. All you need to do is pop some in your fingers, wet it a little bit and scrub away! It is gentle and it will clean your face in ways you never thought possible (ooh, that sounds a little bit naughty, doesn’t it?).

Seriously, though, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.



Mar 292012

This Thursday, I love… Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

I have never been one of those people who can wear lipstick every day. It’s high maintenance, it doesn’t quite look real and honestly I’ve just always preferred the natural colour of my lips.

Every now and then, however, I will watch a friend apply some beautifully just-bitten coloured lipstick and wish it looked like that on me.

Recently I watched my best friend do that, and realized it easily could because she wasn’t applying lipstick, she was applying a tinted lip balm. I immediately sought out this fantastic lip balm and purchased it. It was by Burt’s Bees and it is not only a gorgeous colour (I bought hibiscus) it is also really nourishing.

When I’m not making my lips all the more luscious with some love balm, I’m popping on some Burt’s Bees. The other advantage is because it’s in a chapstick-style stick I don’t have to put my fingers in it. Handy when you’re not sure where those hands of yours have been. Or, rather, that random keyboard has been.


Mar 132012

Today’s Tip: Moisturise!!

Lately the weather has been gross, rain, cold, blazing sun, hot, it’s unpredictable and we just can’t win.

There is one guaranteed prediction for all these changes in the weather, though, and that is that your skin will get dry! Your lips are going to chap, your legs will get scaly and your finger beds will be disgraceful.

“So how do we prevent this, oh wise T” you ask? Easy! Moisturise!! Every time you think of it, get some lip balm on those lips, get some hand cream on those hands and some moisturiser on those arms and legs. My current obsessions are Jurlique Love Balm for lips, cuticles and elbows and Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (both courtesy of Linzi! Thanks!) for those dry hands. I have a wonderful spray on moisturiser by Nutrimetics that I like to use on my legs. For my face, it’s Steam Cream (I’m obsessed). Continue reading »

Mar 082012

This Thursday, I love… Steam Cream

The wonderful people at  Steam Cream recently sent me some of their product to try.

I first saw this product on Chloe Butcher’s October Round Up and although they are a UK based company, they do ship around the world and can be found in Kit Cosmetics in Australia. The first thing that stood out to me about Steam Cream was the packaging, as I’m sure stands out to most people. Fun and bold, the packaging is reusable, recyclable and great for leaving out on your bathroom vanity.

But upon further investigation, their packaging suddenly faded into the background when I learnt about their natural ingredients, their ethical practices and the fact that every tin of steam cream is hand made, bound together with hot steam. Continue reading »