Oct 222012

Not at Wet N Wild, but the same age... and same swimsuit.

As I read this post from the wonderful Mrs Woog a memory came rushing back. A memory of an 8 year old me, after dark watching Pocahontas during the night-time movie in the wave pool at Wet N Wild.

As a child I was obsessed with Wet N Wild. It was my favourite theme park. Despite the fact that nobody else saw the appeal to endless pools that, inevitably, were full of child wee. Or chafing your thighs as your swimsuit rides up your bum and you fly, hair everywhere and bikini top slightly askew, into the air only to do a bum flop into a pool approximately 2cm deep. And, OK, maybe I can see their point. But as someone who wasn’t a big fan of hot weather, or rollercoasters, or anything that went too high, or too fast, or for too long, Wet N Wild was the place to be. Continue reading »

Aug 062012

Me as a bubba. Everyone say awwww... Oh, and, that's not chocolate...

Let’s set the scene: I’m 3 years old. I’m sitting in the car with my mother, I’m a tiny little thing with short blonde hair, dark eyes and a super cheeky smile.

I turned to my mother and I informed her my eye hurt. She asked why, I said it was because I’d been playing in the sandpit and got sand in it. She asked me when this was, concerned that I hadn’t yet advised there was sand in my eye. I informed her it was two weeks ago, at pre-school.  Continue reading »

Jul 192012

This Thursday, I love… Now and Then

In the wake of the news 90s coming-of-age teen flick Now and Then is going to be revived into a TV show, penned by the same author, I thought I would share both my disappointment and my love for the movie.

Growing up I adored this movie. I was introduced to it by a friend of mine, and the two of us then decided that riding bikes, wearing flannel shirts and listening to 70s music was now the height of sophistication. To this day I know every word to every song on that sound track, even though at the time a lot of it didn’t make sense to me (“Now that you’re gone all that’s left is a band of gold” hits me right in the goolies these days as opposed to me thinking it had something to do with a crown). I was convinced that taping my non-existent boobs and playing softball would somehow make Devon Sawa magically appear and fall in love with me. Desperate to prove that I could somehow become Roberta, despite so obviously extremely closely resembling Teeny. Continue reading »

May 302012

I remember the day so clearly. We had travelled across Sydney in a car with no air conditioning to pick up my school uniform. It was blazingly hot and the road was steaming. We got out of the car opposite the store and went to cross the road. A car came shooting past, so close to us it almost touched. She put her arm across me and pulled me back.

“I almost had a heart attack!” I exclaimed.

“I almost had two” she replied


“One for me and one for you.”

That was it. That was the moment. That was the moment I knew my mother loved me.




Apr 052012

my butt hurts what? easter chocolate bunnyThis Thursday, I love… Easter.

As a special thing, because I love you, here’s my entry to the KiKi & Tea What Easter Means To Me posts, going up over the weekend.

Easter always meant getting up early and watching the same cartoons in place of Saturday Disney every year. I swear I have seen those same ones 100 times. It meant the start of the school holidays, going to church and taking communion. It meant a pyjama clad Easter egg hunt through the bush around the house. My brother and I racing against each other to find all the eggs, which was pointless as we then had to hand them all over to be counted out and evenly distributed between us and our dad. Also, he always won. Right up until we moved out of home, we insisted on the Easter egg hunt, despite being far too old for such silliness.

After my (at that point future) husband and I got together, Easter Sunday became a big celebration with his family. A big American style breakfast and everyone coming together to celebrate. Now it’s at our home, and I have brought my own childhood by giving the kids an Easter egg hunt, in the style of my mother (my parents now join with my husband’s family).

For me, Friday and Saturday were about the Easter service, the story of Jesus. And Easter Sunday was always about fun and frivolity. Besides, I was always far too aware the bunnies and eggs were a nod to a Pagan fertility festival to associate the two.


Dec 292011

This Thursday, I love… “Normandie”

When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to celebrate Christmases in a beautiful estate, a french chateau. I liked to run through all the rooms and pretend I owned it. To this day I remember the sound of the front door, the dogs, the cupboard under the stairs, the attic filled with ski gear, tennis gear, clothes, the great hall, the “Queen’s Dining Room”…

Designed by my uncle, Normandie is set on 5 acres of land in Dural and has just gone to auction, to be sold by Bronte and Darlene Douglass, friends of my parents and uncle & aunt. I am sad I didn’t get to see it one last time, so I downloaded all the pictures from the listings.

I’d like to share with you this house, my dream house.

Normandie Douglass Dural Chateau

Continue reading »

Oct 202011

This Thursday, I love… ginger beer.

I didn’t used to like ginger beer growing up and grew to tolerate it in my late teens/early twenties. In the last month, however, I have been unable to get enough. I’ve been buying it at lunch times, and I don’t normally buy any drinks during the day but recently I am just in love.

I like the taste, it settles my stomach, makes me feel refreshed and it’s just so damn tasty. I don’t know why I avoided it all those years.

My favourite part about ginger beer, or more specifically the individual bottles of Bundaberg ginger beer, is quite childish and stupid. I love the little metal cap with the ring pull! I love the feeling of pulling apart metal, it reminds me of play school. The way everything they cut & ripped on the show had a really good sound, nothing I cut or ripped ever sounded quite the same, but this does! It’s a really statisfying feeling. And then I get to drink it with a straw!

Honestly, how could a drink get any better than that?


Oct 172011

Have you ever been to a party where the birthday girl/boy has a massive tantrum because things aren’t going to plan? Where they stomp their feet, cry, scream and basically make life miserable for everyone else? When you’re sitting there, staring at them, thinking “My gosh, what a brat”. Has it ever been an adult?

Welcome to my world.

When you have obsessive compulsive tendencies linked with depression*, like I do, a party can be quite a traumatic event. Especially when you’re in charge or it’s a party for you. The more stressed you get, the more pedantic you become about every tiny little detail. And the more upset you get when everything isn’t perfect or people aren’t doing exactly as you want them to. Continue reading »

Aug 042011

Rapunzel Barbie

This Thursday, I love Barbie.

This week I’d like to take a step back in time to childhood and reminiss about my love of barbies. Growing up, I loved barbies. I loved them. I played with them non-stop, and for far longer than is probably recommended. At my peak I believe I had somewhere in the vicinity of 100-150 different barbies, along with a barbie house and a barbie car. If there weren’t barbies on hand, I would turn anything near me into a barbie – wash cloths, sticks, pegs, anything.

I always thought one day I would turn my love of barbies into a collection, I’d grow out of wanting to play with them and be capable of leaving them sitting pristine inside their box. That day never came. For as long as I was buying and being given barbies, I played with them. Not just mine either, I found out a friend of mine had a collection of Spice Girl barbies so I was right in there playing with them. Continue reading »