Sep 042012

Today’s Tip: To increase your SEO put all your keywords in the first 50 words and last 50 words of your posts.

When you become a blogger, the term “SEO” is thrown around with abandon, with very little explanation of what it is or how you can achieve it. So today I’m bringing you a quick tip that will immediately enhance your SEO.

Going backwards for a minute: What is SEO? SEO meant search engine optimization which, in simple terms, means search engines can find you. What’s the point of SEO? Why bother writing a stack of amazing content only for no one to see it! Continue reading »

Aug 142012

Today’s Tip: Don’t waste time

Now I could talk about not wasting time waiting around for the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap, but I’ve done that before. I could also write about how we shouldn’t waste time by having a sleep in or watching some crap TV, but that’s fun so I’m not going to do that either. Instead I’d like to drop this one on you: don’t waste time doing things you don’t enjoy. Continue reading »

Aug 072012

Today’s Tip: Treat others as they would like to be treated.

Most people are aware of the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Not a bad way to live your life, something to consider in all your dealings with people and something to think about when the temptation to be mean or rude to others is strong.

However, even better than the golden rule is the platinum rule: “Treat others as they would like to be treated” Continue reading »

Jul 172012

Today’s Tip: Make it easy to comment on your blog!

A big part of increasing your audience is comments – receiving them, replying to them and, above all, making it easy for people to leave them. The default WordPress comment system is fairly good, I have to admit, however the Blogspot one does my head in. The options are crap! Google? WordPress? Fine. But what is TypePad? And who let LiveJournal or AIM out of the 90s?!

For this blog I use Disqus, and I love it. It notifies me via the Disqus site when anyone replies to my comments on any site using Disqus (and now you’ve had it pointed out you’ll see it everywhere), it’s easy to use and links nicely to my website, putting up my image and all that loveliness. But also because you can just type in your name, email & URL. Not convinced? Here are 25 reasons you should use Disqus. Continue reading »

Jun 182012

I have been firmly in the leggings-are-not-pants camp for years now. For many reasons, mostly just because if I can see your lady business I don’t really feel you have selected an adequate amount of clothing. And, a little bit, because not everyone looks good in leggings. Especially not if said leggings are baggy, too tight, or a little bit see-through.

I’ve read many arguments regarding leggings as pants, including this one by Fat Heffalump calling it ableist , classist, sizeist, bullshit. I can’t imagine I would criticise someone in any of those situations, personally, but I take the point all the same and it did make me think about things in a different way (although I would like to state for the record that wearing leggings with a tunic top, in my opinion, is not wearing leggings as pants, and I would therefore disagree that the picture within this post depicts someone wearing leggings as pants). Continue reading »

May 082012

Today’s Tip: Let other people have their dignity.

So often I see people tearing each other down, or making an example of someone who stepped out on a ledge and managed to make an arse of themselves. I understand the desire to do so, especially when they’re spouting bigoted bullshit like “gay people shouldn’t have the right to get married because they can choose to be straight” (a fantastic one I saw on facebook the other day). If someone is wrong, and it’s harmful, that’s one thing, but quite often I find in our society we tear people down not because it’s right, but because we can. Continue reading »

Apr 232012

Arriving at the bus stop from the train, as per usual half asleep and hating on Monday, I was surprised to discover plants on top of my bus stop. I actually saw them as I drove past yesterday, but had forgotten due to the lack of sleep or lack of coffee or fact that it was EIGHT O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING and I was tired. At any rate, there are these random plants.

Plants at the bus stop

How pretty, thinks me, I wonder why they have done that. Then I step inside… Continue reading »

Apr 202012

Well that's one way to break the ice...

Sometimes all it takes to get people talking is to break the ice.

This morning I was at the bus stop with my neighbour and I realised across the road, where we had just come from, there was a large bush tail possum sitting at the bottom of a tree, staring at us.

My neighbour asked me what possums look like, are they like mini kangaroos or like a big mouse? She said she had never seen one (which is surprising as we live in Australia and she’s been here 26 years). So, I was trying to point it out to her.

Of course, they camouflage, so there I am pointing at a tree and rocks trying to get her to see what I see. The bus comes, I’m still pointing like some kind of weird flamingo Continue reading »

Jan 182012

Watch this. A powerful video about the heartbreaking and bloody history of the equal rights movement. See how far we have come and how far we have to go.

I don’t care if you think people should or shouldn’t be gay. I don’t care if you feel it’s against your religion to be gay. I want you to ask yourself – was it right to not allow black people to sit beside white? Was it right to stop women from voting? Is it right to not allow someone to marry the person they love because of the physical gender of that person? Does someone’s sexuality make them a second class citizen? If the answer is no, you know where you stand.

Be on the right side of history.