Sep 072012

This week things have been looking up. Nothing particularly bad happened, no cats died and I got to spend time with my brother.

On KiKi & Tea this week I wrote about:

I put up shelves in my garage! And by *I* clearly I mean my brother did it while I tried to be helpful (and got in the way)

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Aug 132012

Today I’m taking part in Surprise Beginning’s Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Monday. Because sometimes it’s fun to be a bit vain (and by sometimes, I mean all the time).

So this outfit was inspired by my friend Vanessa who wore something similar to church the other day and I realised I had all the appropriate bits to pull together my own version of the shift dress/blazer/leggings look. I was pretty happy with the results, except for my nasty hair, which is getting fixed on Wednesday!

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Jun 282012

The t-shirt I bought for $30, original price $168... Pay no attention to the man in the mirror.

This Thursday, I love… sales

Have you noticed that lately everywhere seems to be having sales all year round? Right now it’s the end of financial year, so we expect sales, but walk into any store at any time of the year and there always seems to be something on sale. Especially David Jones. David Jones seem to have a perpetual sale.

At any rate, I love sales. Sometimes I take a leaf out of Mia Freedman’s book on twisted shopping logic and figure that if the top used to be $168 and it’s only $30, then really I have just made a profit of $138. Go me! And, on a cost per wear basis, my hair is practically free! I wear it every day!

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Jun 182012

I have been firmly in the leggings-are-not-pants camp for years now. For many reasons, mostly just because if I can see your lady business I don’t really feel you have selected an adequate amount of clothing. And, a little bit, because not everyone looks good in leggings. Especially not if said leggings are baggy, too tight, or a little bit see-through.

I’ve read many arguments regarding leggings as pants, including this one by Fat Heffalump calling it ableist , classist, sizeist, bullshit. I can’t imagine I would criticise someone in any of those situations, personally, but I take the point all the same and it did make me think about things in a different way (although I would like to state for the record that wearing leggings with a tunic top, in my opinion, is not wearing leggings as pants, and I would therefore disagree that the picture within this post depicts someone wearing leggings as pants). Continue reading »

May 312012

This Thursday, I love… DVDs

The last movie I saw at the cinema was The Avengers. I loved it but seeing it confirmed something I have thought for a long time – going to the cinema is hugely overpriced. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have considered missing out on seeing it on the big screen, but at $24 each, plus the $1.10 booking online surcharge and the cost of glasses, the total cost of seeing it for the two of us was $52.20! That’s ridiculous!

So, for the most part, we switched to buying DVDs. We don’t rent, we don’t watch at the cinema, we just buy it when it comes out. At an average of $20 per new release and a maximum of $40 it’s still less than the cost of 2 adults going to the cinema. Some people don’t see the point in buying a DVD before you have seen the movie, but personally I think it’s the smarter way to do it!

There is a down side, it now takes something like 2 hours to pick a movie to watch. But I still love our wall of DVDs.


Mar 222012

My iPad (no pic as background yet)

This Thursday, I love… my iPad!

I never wanted an iPad. I didn’t see the point of it. Why can’t you just use your phone? It’s got all the same apps. And it’s not as comfortable as using a laptop. But Husband wanted the new iPad, so I scored a hand-me-down.

I know, I know, you all saw this coming a mile away. Last night Husband threatened to take it away from me because I said I was obsessed, and I clutched it to my chest. I love it!

My original objections are true, and although I wouldn’t say it’s replacing my laptop it definitely is replacing my phone. Not for phone calls, but I don’t actually make many of those. Continue reading »

Feb 162012

Jill.e's Tablet Satchel

This Thursday, I love… Jill.e’s Laptop Bags

I recently heard someone complaining about being unable to find a stylish laptop back, and suddenly I remembered reading about these. Stylish laptop bags! I know, it’s sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true! These bags actually look good and fit and protect your technology.

Jill.e is a brand specifically designed to “protect your tech-cesseries in style”. With a huge range of stylish bags, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste AND protects your devices. Continue reading »

Dec 022011

Today’s guide is for the children in your life.

I’ve put kids presents together rather than separating into boys and girls as I think that’s a pretty fluid concept in children. I’ve split ths gifts into three age brackets (0-2, 2-5 and 5-12) instead of by price category. The age guides are only rough, especially having no children of my own, and I certainly don’t stick to them myself. I’d recommend looking at the adult guides for kids over 12.

Have a look back over past guides for men and women.

If you have anything to add to the list, and I could have kept going on putting this list together for days, leave it in the comments!

Age 0-2:

Teddy Bears – Always a hit. There are a huge variety of styles and sizes are available. I buy a teddy for my nieces every year (even though the eldest is now 6). I recommend buying the softest one you can find and be careful about removeable eyes for any kids under 2. Giant soft ones are available at K-Mart and I’ve bought a giant elephant and a giant monkey for my nieces this year from Kmart.  Price: $5 – $30

Plush Animals at Kmart. Price: $9

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Nov 282011

Today’s guide is for the women in your life – your wife, sister, friend, mother, mother in law…

For last week’s guide on gifts for men, go here or for kids go here.

If you have anything to add to the list, leave it in the comments!

Under $50

Estee Lauder Gift Set – Estee Lauder do great gift sets this time of year. These are always a hit with my mother in law and I particularly love their miniature perfume packs. Generally I wouldn’t recommend buying skin care unless you know someone very well, but their makeup sets tend to suit everyone. Available at Myer, David Jones or at Amazon here. Price: $20 – $100 Continue reading »

Nov 242011

It’s true, I’m one of those annoying people who have present drawers (or in my case, a cupboard). I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping and it’s not even December! So you asked for it and here it is, my guides to the best gifts available this year.

Today’s guide is for the men in your life – your husband, brother, friend, father, father in law…

If I’m completely honest once I started on this project I found it hard to stop and there are so many more amazing products out there, these are just a few of my favourites.

Check my other posts for women and children.

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