Aug 242012

It’s been a week of ups and downs… That’s a lie, it’s been a week mostly of downs. So, even though it’s out of chronological order, my first pic will be the flowers at the cafe this morning.

This week I wrote about:

And on to the week in pics…

Flowers at the work coffee shop

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Aug 172012

I’m sick as I write this, lying in bed convinced I’m dying of the plague (in reality I have a cold. But it’s a bad one!) so I’ll keep the captions fairly brief.

As always, the week began with breakfast out.

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Jun 152012

Last week’s Life Porn post made me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside as people liked it and responded to it either here, facebook or twitter, so I thought I’d do it again! This time, however, I’ve been advised not to use the phrase “life porn” as that makes it a little less work-friendly… Oh, oops, I’ve done it again!

Well, this time for the title I’ve gone with “Whip”, which to me conjures a few things. The first is working in promotional products when we’d talk about our WIP (Work In Progress), which also reminded me of having a WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing) at the start of every meeting. Which I was in favour of until one day I ate something at a meeting and someone felt like expressing that that was inappropriate (oops).

It also is short for Week In Pics, which I know doesn’t contain an H but I can’t write WIP without thinking of that promotional products company.

I took soup in to work but it didn't defrost, so I served myself a cube of soup.

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May 142012

I don't think I'll look quite this excited

I have just seen a staff notice looking for volunteers for a trampoline study.

Do you enjoy trampolines? Or have you never experienced them? Well, now is your chance.

We are looking for individuals to participate in a trampoline survey where you will get to jump on various types of trampolines. Your feedback on the motions you feel will help us find out what makes a trampoline ’exciting’.

When: By appointment only. Please contact….

Why are they doing this? What is it for? How many trampolines will we get to jump on? What are you going to do to make them more exciting? I once tried to eat sherbet while jumping on a trampoline. I inhaled it. That was pretty exciting. Are you going to do that? I must know!

I have to give it a go. I’ve emailed them to ask if they’re full up with volunteers for the trampoline study. Will report back.


Dec 162011

I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by The Beauty Blot and The Musings Of Monique. Thanks ladies!

I’m not going to include either of those lovely ladies in my awards as you can link to them up there! That way I actually get to sneak in 7 (oooh, tricky tricky!). See the bottom of this post for the rules.

These are my five blogs (in no particular order):

Linzi Aitken Photography by Linzi

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Jul 252011

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment. I told them they didn’t understand life.

- John Lennon


Photo of rose from my garden

May 182011

Go the F*ck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

One night after putting his 2 year old daughter, Vivien, to sleep, Adam Mansbach updated his facebook status that he was going to write a book called “Go the Fuck to Sleep”. Apparently the response was overwhelming so Adam set out to do just that. His book has gone viral and has made it onto the bestsellers list despite not actually being released yet and for the bargain price of $8.22 why wouldn’t you buy it?

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May 092011

Just a couple of minutes ago, I was walking down the corridor at work. As I turned the first corner of an S bend, I noticed something odd. Someone had placed a chair in the middle of the hallway in the next bend.

The Chair

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Feb 012011

On my blog there is a “tag cloud”, look over to your right. Only it’s not so much a cloud as a random attack of words flying at you from the page.

When I first started this blog, I thought that the post tags were how google indexed your posts. It was only recently that I found out the actual use of these tags. Wow, I have been completed mis-using them! Trying to find a post on my site using the tags would be like trying to locate a fart in a hurricane. It would be akin to entering a library, asking for a book, and having all of the reference cards thrown in the air & told ‘there you go!’

So, a project I need to work on in the future is redoing all of my tags. This may mean my blog has a little bit of an attack of identity as I clean things up and throw out those useless tags. It may also involve all my posts re-posting themselves. I ask you to remain patient with me as I undertake this.

The first part of project will be identifying the things I write most about. I have thought up the following list, but I’m sure it is more complex than that. If you have any suggestions for tags, please leave them in the comments.

  • Beauty
  • Human Rights
  • Sexuality
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Soapbox
  • Rants
  • Tuesday Tips
  • Things I Love Thursday
  • Relationships
  • Cooking
  • Animals
  • Bella (she needs her own tag. But do I call it Bella, Belle or Isobel? Isobel is her actual name, and I call her both Belle & Bella)
  • Technology
  • Celebrities
  • Jewellery
  • Personally T
  • Comedy

… any others?


Jan 132011

The below post has been taken in its entirity from Rick M’s Blog. I hope you find it as moving and amazing as I did. All photos were taken by Rick.

queensland flood 2011 coles

Coles Underwater

I wrote my first update before the major peak which was published at Mamamia, you can read it here. This is the follow up.

Size, as it turns out, does matter. Of your flood peak, I mean.

I’m choosing to laugh about all of this because if I don’t I might just cry into my pillow for several days, pausing only for sustenance and the occasional soothing wine.

Here are the things I know: Brisbane is devastated, my little patch of the river is not. We were spared, perhaps by sometimes-weather-system and full-time trollop La Nina, perhaps by the Wivenhoe Dam holding on for just that little bit extra or perhaps by the tendencies of locals in my suburb to be so high on their own achievements and self successes that this proved to be a natural flood barrier, I am not entirely sure.

I should clarify. Spared from inundation to the building, yes – although water came within inches of bubbling up through the drains – but not spared from the associated trauma, sleepless nights, mental and physical exhaustion or, indeed, from having the power go out.

Our building manager was exhausted, you could hear it in his voice, when he popped on to the internal address

queensland floods sun over water

Sun Over the Water

system to let us all know that the power to Teneriffe had been cut and that we should all go, now. You know the tone of voice. So tired, so sombre. Shocked almost.

It sounded almost like we were the last remaining Capricans in Battlestar Gallactica and that the voice on the loudspeaker was informing us that our home planet had been over-run by Cylons. Well, it was a bit static-filled so it was an easy mistake to make.

The morning started with angst and strained shoulders as we relocated my friend’s entire apartment to mine, which made my apartment look rather like it had crashed at high speed into a house. All the while the river began to rise.

There is a highly enterprising businessman who runs a restaurant on the corner of my building, right on the river, who decided to remain open until the very last minute. And this, folks, afforded me one of the most surreal and batshit insane moments of my life.

It was mid-morning and we popped in for bacon and eggs and sat watching the puffy and swollen Brisbane River surge toward the bay, taking everything with it in its path. So there I was in one restaurant when I spotted another one splashing and twisting down the river. It was, ironically, called Drift restaurant and it had been sunk the previous day quite a few suburbs along.

There were boats, more boats, pontoons, trees, eskies, a fridge at one point and countless Styrofoam boxes (from where?) just swept along at a rate of 10 knots…the river normally flows at two.

Around mid-afternoon the river finally broke its banks for its first large peaks, spilling water over the footpaths and into the bus depot down the road. Minutes later they would cut the power to Teneriffe to stop us getting electrocuted in the event of a flood.


police tape queensland flood


I could hear a car alarm that seemed to be 20 kilometres away pierce the air but otherwise a cold, eerie silence that suffocated. I have never felt so uneased in my life. Lies. I felt more uneased moments later when the deafening roar of two Blackhawk airforce helicopters flew low and loud overhead. I ducked to the window. My city was in crisis, here were the army to prove it, now it feels real. In that single moment the enormity of what is unfolding is made abundantly clear.

There is not much to do in a power-less building that may be enveloped by floodwater in the night so we took some uncooked sausages to a friend’s place, charged our phones, cooked the food and then returned. Because somehow this felt like an adventure we had to stick out.

The Blackhawks flew over again in the darkness of the night, a soundtrack to the misery of a city.

But here is the thing. Teneriffe didn’t flood. Well, the water came up the road in one spot and certainly over the banks but it didn’t flood our building or any others I could note. The river peaked at a metre less than forecast and it is very easy for me to sit here as I type this without any power or news to believe that Brisbane is all ok.

I know this is not the case. Already, the day before the peak, this was a city in chaos and underwater and the clean-up will be astronomical, judging only by the expense of things I have seen float down the river and out to the bay. This morning we saw 150m of riverside boardwalk bob down in a twisted mess. The CityCat ferry services have been substantially destroyed, business are underwater, homes, roads, bridges.

Our Premier was not beating about the bush when she said this, for all of Queensland, would be a reconstruction effort similar to the one we had post-war.

As for me, well, we have to relocate my friend back into his apartment at some point. I think I just stubbed my toe on his wardrobe. That’ll have to be done. But not now. Right now all I want is a nice meal (I had one miniature, cold sausage and a slice of bread for breakfast), a sleep and a written guarantee from Mother Nature herself that she is through fucking with Queensland.

People died. People have been broken.

We’ve seen enough.

Update: I’ve walked just minutes up the road to New Farm and the damage is obscene. Water has come up through the main shopping district and the water has torn a 150m slice of the Riverwalk, weighing 300tonnes, and sent it rocketing down the river like a missile. How selective our river is indeed.