Jan 052012

This Thursday, I love… Philadelphia Fusion of Three Olives and Cream Cheese.

three olive philadelphia sandwich

This was my lunch yesterday. Yum!

I’m only a recent convert to cream cheese, usually reserving it purely for on a blueberry bagel (oh, blueberry bagels, you deserve your own TILT). It was in the chilled aisle, buying some for precisely this purpose, that I spotted “Fusion of three olives”. It had fallen, and was sitting with the regular phili. It was fate. Continue reading »

Nov 022011

I posted about rainbow cake previously along with a recipe and instructions (which you can see here). After a couple of goes making it, I decided that while it looked amazing it didn’t taste quite as amazing. So I tried a new base recipe which is super duper tasty and the cake came out brighter than before (if you can believe it).

I have decided not to take down the previous recipe as this one resulted in a more swirly rainbow effect (as you can see above) so before making a rainbow cake, decide whether you want perfectly straight lines or a swirly effect. Personally, having tasted both, I’ll be sticking with my swirls. Continue reading »

Sep 122011

After my last TILT, it seemed fitting when I saw this amazing recipe that I try it.

I love recipes that have a WOW factor and this one certainly does. It is amazingly tasty, simple to make and the presentation! All credit for this idea goes to Phoodie and the original recipe can be found on her blog.

Phoodie used a recipe from Nigella to make the chocolate mousse that is inside these deliciously gorgeous creations and edited it, swapping out the vanilla essence for peppermint essence. When I made mine I adjusted the whole recipe to suit the size of the blocks of chocolate I bought, originally the recipe called for 250g dark chocolate but I could only find it in 200g blocks, so I bought two. Therefore I’m reblogging the recipe here with the adjusted measures. I also stuffed it up slightly (despite Phoodie’s assurances it was fool proof) so I’m going to explain the instructions in a bit more detail as well. Continue reading »

Aug 282011

rainbow cake royal icing

Update 02/11/11: There is another version of the Rainbow Cake located here which tastes better and is brighter in colour, however it does not layer in straight lines.

After buying food colouring to make macarons, then failing miserably with aforementioned macarons, I decided to put them to use. So this weekend I made a Rainbow Cake. I searched the net and found a few different variations of Rainbow Cake, including the simplified version of using 2 packets of Betty Crocker White Chocolate Cake Mix for those who need to pull together a cake quickly. My favourite was the one that appears on Not Quite Nigella and I used this recipe with some variations.

Basically to make this rainbow cake you can use any dough that will come out white. Not Quite Nigella also makes an amazing Zebra Cheesecake you could easily turn into a rainbow as well. The important bit is the method of making the rainbow which, once explained, you’ll be kicking yourself you hadn’t thought of already. Continue reading »

Jul 272011

This recipe was originally from Taste however I don’t have a BBQ so I have altered it to suit a frying pan. I’ve also altered a few of the ingredients.

The thing that really appealed to me about this recipe was how simple it was, fresh and with only a few ingredients (especially helpful for my shopping!). It was also so quick to make! I think I spent about 20 minutes all together both in prep and cooking. Can’t argue with that! Continue reading »

Jul 082011

Recently I made pizza from scratch. Here’s the recipe for the dough as that’s the hardest part, you can put anything you like on top of it. For the topping I did a few different types but I did a couple of things that were consistent.

The first thing was instead of using a pre-mixed tomato paste (full of salt & sugar), I used a tin of tomatoes in tomato juice. One tin does 4 pizzas with a generous amount, you probably only need about 2 teaspoons of it. Then I put a layer of tasty cheese. Continue reading »

Jun 132011

dahl tomato red lentil potato

On Sunday at around 12pm I realised I had not planned lunch. We had our friend Duncan over to spend the day being nerdy with Peter and although fast food would have been cheap and easy, it was cold & rainy so I didn’t feel like leaving the house plus I have really been trying to improve our diet. I had a look in my pantry where I found potatoes & lentils. I recently read two recipes (this one and this one) on the Eats Roots & Leaves blog as well as a post about lentils on Sarah Wilson’s blog, so I decided to make a red lentil dahl.

My first step was to google for some dahl recipes, since neither of the ones on the blog were actually for dahl and Sarah Wilson’s wasn’t really a recipe. I found this one and this one which looked good, but I only had some of the ingredients. Cue improvisation. Continue reading »

May 232011

Pecan Pie

On Saturday night my husband threw me a surprise birthday party! I was completely overwhelmed, I had not suspected it for one second. He told me we were going to a function for his work so he got me to dress up and off we went. Along the way, Peter received a phone call from a “colleague” to pick up one of his colleagues from Bravo’s at Crows Nest so we stopped there. When we walked in the waiter smiled and said “They’re all waiting for you”. I assumed he was mistaken and thought we were part of the dinner party. We went upstairs and SURPRISE! 15 of my closest friends were waiting for us in the restaurant! I was so shocked.

The point of this story (apart from my husband being awesome) is that my friend Maddie gave me a birthday present of stoneware. One pie dish and 4 small individual dishes. So for my first use of them, I decided (after a suggestion from my husband) to make Peter’s favourite desert – pecan pie. Continue reading »