Jul 032012

Today’s Tip: Start each day with a compliment… to yourself

I have been feeling under the weather for a few weeks now. An inability to sleep and when I do sleep it’s all nightmares about the world’s most mundane shit. Honestly I have the most boring nightmares in the world. Stuff like I’m getting dressed for work and can’t find the top I need and for no reason whatsoever that is incredibly stressful and I think the world is going to end. So I wake up all in a panic and feeling like instead of having a nice restful sleep I have, in actual fact, participated in the nightmare olympics.

So, in my sleep deprived state where the funniest thing in the whole world is Spaghatta Nadle I have been completely unable to come up with a Tuesday Tip. So I asked around and my colleague, Ray*, offered to write one for me (and it’s a good one, just the one I needed): Continue reading »

Jun 052012

Today’s Tip: Start your day with a slice of lemon in warm water.

A great way to start your day is to drink a glass (mug) of warm water with a slice of lemon/squeeze of lemon juice in it. It’s also a bit of a cure-all during the day. Personally I find that it’s only in winter I crave this, and I make it by pouring boiling water onto the lemon then letting it cool down before I drink it. It’s a bit delicious but it also helps me feel clearer and it doesn’t bog you down like coffee can sometimes.

I find during the day I just don’t want multiple cups of tea, and this is a good alternative to warm you up and provide the comfort of tea.  Continue reading »

May 222012

Catching some Zzz's

Today’s Tip: Go to sleep!!

Recently I heard of new evidence that back in the day people used to go to sleep when the sun went down, sleep for 4 hours, get up and do things for a while, then go back to sleep for 4 hours. This makes sense when you think about all the people who wake up after 4 hours and can’t go back to sleep for ages – apparently they’re just not programmed to! Me, however, well I decided I would use the time in between sleeps to have a sleep. Continue reading »

Apr 032012

The day I got a dishwasher for my birthday

Today’s Tip: Clean Your Dishwasher

Have you ever thought about how gross your dishwasher is? I have. Often. So I’ve seen those dishwasher cleaning products in the supermarket aisle but it’s just another expense I don’t need, so I’ve just left it. Today’s tip is courtesy of one of my KiKi & Tea authors, Whippersnapper, and involves bi carb, which is one of my all time favourite things. So versatile!!

How to clean your dishwasher:
1. Add bi-carb soda to the powder catch of the dishwasher;
2. Add white vinegar to the rinse aid compartment of the dishwasher;
3. Run on very hot setting with an empty dishwasher.

Brilliant! I’m giving it a go tonight!


Mar 272012

This is me at night time

Today’s Tip: Turn off the television

I enjoy a bit of background noise. I like to have the TV going, some music, people talking. During the work day I have the radio on, but half the time I couldn’t even tell you who I’m listening to.

Sometimes, although not very often, I crave silence. Having a bit of space to hear yourself think. It is a lot more relaxing and can be a great way to sit down and really get something done.

Most of the time, however, I can’t handle silence and long for a bit of background noise. No matter what I’m doing on the weekend I’m usually sitting beside a blaring television to do it. And why? It’s not good for my eyes, for my mind, for my relationships or conversational skills.

Tonight I’d like you to try an experiment with me. Instead of watching TV at night with your family, why don’t you turn it off and have some time having a conversation. It can be unusual at first, but it’s very rewarding.

Give it a go. Turn off the TV. Maybe even go outside, that’s a radical thought!


Photo found here.

Mar 202012

Today’s Tip: Walk

Recently my friend JJ wrote a piece on how walking improves your relationship. I think he’s on to something. It’s hard in a city as spread out as Sydney to leave your car at home, so today I’d like to challenge you to give it a go when you can. Instead of catching a bus to the station, walk there. If you can get to a local shop or cafe without a car, do it! Make it an adventure. Continue reading »

Jan 312012

This post is dedicated to the SunSmart Love Your Body Campaign and is part 2 in a series of SunSmart Tuesday Tips.

Today’s Tip: Wear Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is important, not just in Summer but all year round. Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays which have been linked with cataracts and macular degeneration (Source), as well as protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage. Damage to the delicate skin around the eyes can be caused by the sun, and also from the act of squinting. One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles is to wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses add style easily to any outfit and as a bonus hide those bags under your eyes from a late night out. Here are my top tips for wearing sunglasses.

1. Select the right shape

There are many different shapes of sunglasses. What you are looking for is a shape that flatters your face. Should you wear round glasses, cats eye, aviators or ray bans? The best way to know is to try all types, it will be evident pretty quickly what does and does not suit your face. A good guide for selecting the right shape can be found here.

Continue reading »

Jan 242012

This post is dedicated to the SunSmart Love Your Body Campaign and is part 1 in a 3 part series of SunSmart Tuesday Tips.

Today’s Tip: Wear a Hat

Recent statistics indicate the instance of melanoma is on the rise, the Slip Slop Slap campaign has not worked and you only need to take a look around to see why. Do you see anyone wearing a hat? It’s not common in Australia to wear a hat, yet it should be as we have one of the highest instances of melanoma in the world. So today’s tip is to wear a hat and wear it with style. Here are my top tips:

1. Choose the right style

There are many different styles of hats out there, the key is to pick a hat that not only suits the style of your clothing, but also suits your personality.

Continue reading »

Jan 202012

An iPhone application has been created to help consumers make informed choices about what they food in their mouths. The FoodSwitch app, created by health researcher The George Institute for Global Health and insurance company Bupa uses a barcode scanner to bring up traffic light information.

Australian consumer watchdog Choice has been campaigning for the introduction of a “traffic light” labeling system since 2009 and although the government has been resistant to bring this in as legislation, it seems the idea has been grabbed with both hands and made into an application for iPhone uses, with Android versions to come.  Continue reading »