Oct 082012
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On Saturday my friend Tegan asked me to pose for the latest range from iamto’b. As you should know by now, I’m always happy to have my photo taken, so was happy to comply.

iamto’b is the brain child of my friend Tegan O’Brien who studied art with me back in the day. The pieces are unique, artistic and beautiful. You can see more of her range here.

To state things simply; I’m a designer, maker, collector and wearer. I am a contemporary jeweller who designs and makes my own pieces; seeing infinite potential in the design and creation of wearable art; viewing the world as a never-ending source of inspiration. When not creating jewellery I have been known to dabble in painting, drawing and photography.

I’m a home-body who loves to travel the world. I hate the monsters under my bed but find comfort in the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. I dream of one day owning a large, beautifully pimped out studio with a token pygmy goat.

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