Oct 222012
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Not at Wet N Wild, but the same age... and same swimsuit.

As I read this post from the wonderful Mrs Woog a memory came rushing back. A memory of an 8 year old me, after dark watching Pocahontas during the night-time movie in the wave pool at Wet N Wild.

As a child I was obsessed with Wet N Wild. It was my favourite theme park. Despite the fact that nobody else saw the appeal to endless pools that, inevitably, were full of child wee. Or chafing your thighs as your swimsuit rides up your bum and you fly, hair everywhere and bikini top slightly askew, into the air only to do a bum flop into a pool approximately 2cm deep. And, OK, maybe I can see their point. But as someone who wasn’t a big fan of hot weather, or rollercoasters, or anything that went too high, or too fast, or for too long, Wet N Wild was the place to be.

So I’d finally convinced my family (with the help of the Three-Park-Superpass) we needed to go to Wet N Wild. When we got there I learnt that the wave pool (mildly awesome during the day for those among us who aren’t a big fan of waves… wasn’t I a fun kid?) was open at night and they showed movies up on the big screen. That night: Pocahontas! I hadn’t seen Pocahontas so I managed to wrangle my way into being allowed to stay.

Not too far into the movie after falling through the middle of the tyre around twenty thousand times (have I ever mentioned I was an extremely small child?) and fed up with being laughed at by my brother, I took off swimming to get away from him. I made a friend, as I often always did. Anywhere we were for longer than 5 minutes.

It was around, oh, the end of the movie that my mother found me and I was thoroughly yelled at. Apparently my parents had asked my brother what had become of his little, frightened of everything, sister who wasn’t even capable of staying within a tyre successfully, much less survive a wave pool full of a hundred pale tourists. My brother didn’t know and the three of them had spent the entire movie searching for me.

It was only when the lights came on that they found me. Sitting on the edge of the pool catching baby toads.

How could any child resist catching these?


Baby toad

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