Oct 292012
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It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about being unsure of the future of this blog. And while I still am, I would like to do a little catch up on my last few weeks in pictures. For ease of layout, these will be 3 big collages. I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether or not this blog should stay as it has been. In the past I have run Tuesday Tips and Things I Love Thursday as well as opinion pieces. Well, all my opinions are residing over on KiKi & Tea now, so perhaps this should just be stories about my life…

Lionel got cuddly. A king parrot came to visit. The Viking (aka Husband) made stir fry. I hindered helped fix the phone wires with my pink tools. Mr Potato Head was amusement for my boss’s daughter who came in. Lionel loves The Viking. A colleague (a Dr Who fan, in case you can’t tell) moved on to bigger and better things. I was proud of my new “To Do List” system. A painting (I did) at my parents. My shoes got wet. The Viking is handsome.

We cleaned our house. Bella is a poser. I ate ALL THE THINGS (OK, I did NOT eat all those musk sticks). Got a big bottle of OPI Big Apple Red, my favourite shade of red nail polish. A friend bought baby clothes for her friend and I got clucky. Smoothie! Sourdough toast with jam made by The Viking’s colleague. My parent’s house. I was on the news (yeah I was!).

Bushfire sunset. A night out at Indian. The Viking made burgers. Pizza lunch at work (they made us a nutella pizza!). Snake skin bangle. Horrible futons at Ikea that I didn’t want to buy. Nice futon from Freedom that I bought to replace the nasty red one seen above in the clean house photos. My toenail fell off. Adore this combo of Lindcoln Park After Dark with Lace Me Up.

xx T.

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  • Jen

    Hi Miss T…about a year ago you wroye a piece about living below your means. I liked this bit of advice very much and I wanted to share with you that from then till now I have managed to save $14,000. I know !!!! $14,000. I opened an account that is joined to my everyday account but I can’t withdraw money from it or I miss out on the interest that it pays, which really adds up!! I stopped buying all the crap that I did not need and use up all the things I had already bought….so thank you I have made so many changes in that time and I can’t tell you how great I feel about my achievement.
    Take care. xx

    • http://kikiandtea.com/ Tamsin Howse

      Hi Jen, What a wonderful compliment! I am so glad those tips helped you. I’m currently saving up for a trip overseas, so I’m reading back over them myself to remember all the things I need to do to save up my pennies. I’m so glad it’s worked for you!

      I’m mostly writing over on KiKi & Tea now and I’d love to see you over there. Come visit sometime. xx

  • http://www.allplayingcards.com/ John Booker

    I just love your nail art.