Sep 142012
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Started the week by voting. This was the line at 8am... urgh.

I like the way the light came through the water bottle.

Husband attacked my grocery list.

We had breakfast with our friends who we haven't seen in AGES on Sunday

He got a tattoo since we last saw him

Lionel was a bit frightened by all the people on games night so he hid bweteen two laundry baskets

I was pretty proud of this outfit, even though I had a crap hair week.

One of my colleagues brought me some garlic chutney. Yum!!

Two of my colleagues. They share an office and the height difference makes me laugh.

French braid at the top, fish tail at the bottom.

We had a birthday celebration at work for my office mate's 50th!

That lunch is a bit too healthy looking!

That's better

Garlic chutney on toast for dinner. Mmm.

We got a message that there is someone interested in adopting Lionel. My immediate reaction was to snap this pic and say "Who would try to take this face away from me?!"

So I called a family meeting and had a serious discussion with the two cats about whether or not we should adopt Lionel. Bella just grumbled. Lionel tried to touch her and got hissed at. The potential adopter meets him Monday. My gut feeling is she won't take him.

My running mates on Wednesday night.

Thursday saw the beautiful Monique have a birthday.

My Country Road spearmint pants arrived at work on Thursday. I wore them IMMEDIATELY and what followed was that everyone in the office attempted to pick what colour they were. The best guesses were cool mint, aqua, lime ice cream and pistachio ice cream.

Then it got all cold!

On Thursday morning I spent 10 minutes chasing the cats around the street. Bella was following me, Lionel was following her, it was bedlam! I caught Lionel and got him in the house, but Bella was too fast so I gave up and went to the bus... and she followed. This is her running to greet me from up near the bus stop when I went back to get her after I got home.

She was really grateful, she got from that last pic to here in the time it took me to take the photo.

My floordrobe got a little out of hand.

So I attacked it. And no, I can't get that damn drawer to close. I can't get it out to retrieve whatever it is that's stuck back there.

Love headbands, I haven't washed my hair for 3 days. Oh, and yes, I wear glasses...

Lunch today... Yum yum yum

I hope you had a good week!

xx T.

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  • John Booker

    I like Even i liked the way the light came through the water bottle.