Sep 182012
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Today’s Tip: Organise your house, and organise your mind.

It’s really hard to think clearly when you’re living in clutter. At least I find it is. For me, when there’s crap everywhere it’s a bit like it’s actually pressing down on me, and I find it occupying space in the back of my mind I could use for other things.

A fairly ironic thought when you consider that I’m about as tidy as a bull in a china shop but it’s true, nonetheless. So last weekend when Husband & I finished putting up the shelves I started with my brother & dad previously, it was with a great sense of relief. We then set about clearing some of the boxes cluttering the garage and filling up those shelves. Just having things in a place made me feel soooo much better.

My garage "Before"... I know, scary right?

After! Doesn't it look great?

An organised house is an organised mind.


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  • picardie.girl

    Love this. Very true. I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism lately and this is an important part – removing the unnecessary so you can focus on the essential. We did the bedroom last weekend. Can’t wait to declutter our whole apartment!
    Oh, and I second the statement about being untidy yourself but finding clutter affects you negatively – it’s not that I *want* to be untidy, I just *am*! x

    • Tamsin Howse

      I don’t want to be untidy, I just am… Perfect.