Jul 242012
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Today’s Tip: Don’t wait for a perfect time. Just do it now.

So many of us wait for the perfect moment, the perfect time, wait for everything to be right before we do something. Whether we’re waiting to find a partner, to have kids, to leave a job we hate, to ask out that guy. So many of us are sitting around waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Well, guess what? There are no perfect opportunities. There is no perfect time. No one is ever really ready to have kids. There’s no good time to quit a job. There’s no non-scary time to take a chance.

Yesterday a colleague of mine died. And it really brought home to me how important it is to not wait. Don’t wait to resolve the issues with your family. Don’t wait to open floodgates with a friend. Don’t wait to be doing what you really want to do or be with who you really want to be with. Our time on this earth is far too short.

Just don’t wait.


Photo of myself & my cousin taken by Kent Marcus

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