Mar 272012
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This is me at night time

Today’s Tip: Turn off the television

I enjoy a bit of background noise. I like to have the TV going, some music, people talking. During the work day I have the radio on, but half the time I couldn’t even tell you who I’m listening to.

Sometimes, although not very often, I crave silence. Having a bit of space to hear yourself think. It is a lot more relaxing and can be a great way to sit down and really get something done.

Most of the time, however, I can’t handle silence and long for a bit of background noise. No matter what I’m doing on the weekend I’m usually sitting beside a blaring television to do it. And why? It’s not good for my eyes, for my mind, for my relationships or conversational skills.

Tonight I’d like you to try an experiment with me. Instead of watching TV at night with your family, why don’t you turn it off and have some time having a conversation. It can be unusual at first, but it’s very rewarding.

Give it a go. Turn off the TV. Maybe even go outside, that’s a radical thought!


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  • Clansi Rogers

    I married a man who grew up without a TV in his home, so after the first 23 years of my life with the TV on most of the time, it has been very interesting to live the last 5 in a TV free home.

    While we do occasionally watch some TV shows or movies, it isn’t a regular, every night (or even every week) thing.  When you don’t have it there, it is amazing how little time you have for it.  I remember telling some 15 year olds I was mentoring that we didn’t have a TV and they were SHOCKED and wanted to know what we DID in the evenings if not watch telly.  I tried to explain to them that we had no “TV time” so no gap to fill.
    I also tried not to laugh, as I’d only been married a few months and found their lack of innuendo in asking very cute.

    • Miss T

      That is so cute!

  • Peterrr49

    that cat suit looks familiar…!!

  • cristy jones

    Oh so cute.Really Cool.