Feb 212012
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removing lint cat fur


Today’s Tip: Removing lint when you don’t have a lint roller.

The other day I was half way to work when I realised – I was wearing a carpet. Somewhere between kissing my husband goodbye and hugging Belle (suspect it was somewhere in the vicinity of picking her up and putting her down that it happened) I had managed to accumulate half a cat on my jacket. Not a good look. But, of course, I was already well on my way to work and unable to go back for a lint roller. Even past all the supermarkets where I could nip in for a sneaky purchase.

My stylish sticky tape hand

When I arrived at work (and jokes were made) I asked around as to what I could do about my very hairy situation. A few options were suggested to me such as trying rubber gloves (Tip: Sterilised Skin Shield medical gloves, not the same thing). But it was one that was so damn obvious I didn’t know how I hadn’t ever thought of it before! Wrap sticky tape around your hand and press it onto your clothes! Duh!

I’m sure it’s not great for your fabric, but it’s got to look more professional than walking around looking like Chewbacca, right?

So, I wrapped that sticky tape right around my hand and spent a bit of time de-catting my jacket. I have to admit, I was impressed at how well it worked. I don’t think my jacket has been that lint free for years!

There you have it, ladies and gents, a sticky solution to a hairy situation. (That’s puntastic!)

For prosperity, here’s a half-way-through pic.

Before (right) and after (left)



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  • http://hummingbirdsrest.wordpress.com/ Michelle

    I’m kind of surprised you haven’t learned this trick before! Very handy. I’ve used this approach many times :p