Dec 012011
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This Thursday, I love… BYS Nail Polish

The other day I was in K-Mart. I know, how glam! Aren’t you jealous? So I’m in K-Mart having a bit of a sneaky peak at their makeup range. Some incredibly bright nail polish caught my eye. I had a look and the BYS range was absolutely incredible. Brights, neons, glitter, matte, chrome, metallic, cracked, mirror finish. Oh my! But the thing that really got me was the sign that said all nail polish $4.

Bargain! So I did what any self-respecting person would do – I bought 5, therefore rendering the amount saved completely null and void.

I used their matte blue and matte black to do the diagonal line on my nails (instructions and pics here) and over a week later, this is how chipped my nails were:

I’m in love.


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  • Leanne

    That is pretty impressive wear from a $5 nail polish! I shall have to investigate. :)

  • cristy jones

    I love your pretty nail paint style.