Nov 222011
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Finished Nails

Today’s Tip: Use tape as a guide when painting your nails.

I spent many years learning to paint my nails in a perfectly straight line and recently discovered it was all for nought. You can use tape to do it.

I tested it out the other night. In the dark, no less, and it worked perfectly. It was super quick, easy and the effect is great! I actually did mine in the dark.

My tips:

  • Use magic tape, not standard sticky tape (magic tape is removeable)
  • Remove the tape towards your finger, it’s less likely to pick up the nail polish when removed in that direction (rather than touching the edge of the nail polish it’s touching the edge of your nail).
  • Don’t put a thick coat on top of the tape

Tape on (taken left handed - apologies for the quality)

You could even use some scrapbooking scissors to cut the tape and make a patterned edge! The possibilities are endless.

For mine, I painted them blue, left it for a few days, then I put tape over half the nail and painted on the black. I used BYS Nail polish in matte blue and matte black.



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