Apr 212011
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This Thursday, I love… Persimmon

One day in my old work my friend Karina cut up and ate this unusual thing that looked a bit like a tomato. What is it, I asked. A persimmon she responded and, upon hearing I’d never tried one, promptly offered me some. I was hooked! Sometimes called Fuyu, they are a little bit tart, a little bit sweet, and they both look and taste like they contain cinnamon. They are tasty, crunchy little bundles of joy. That winter I must have eaten one or two of them every day.

Everyone who’s seen me eaten one in the past couple of years has asked to try it. I have to admit, most people have hated them but I absolutely adore them. My mother does too, but she’s allergic to them which I think is a horrible twist of fate.

They are seasonal and here are only available in the winter. I have managed to completely forget they exist each year until one day, around April or May, I walk into a supermarket and there they are! Sitting there like tiny pumpkins just waiting for me to buy them. A week or two ago they were on sale 2 for $2 and I got stupidly excited about it.

Apparently they’re very good for you – high in fibre and vitamin C. For me, that’s just a bonus.


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  • Linzi

    They look a little scary to me. Like trying a black olive for the first time. That they look like a tomato does not excite me…I’m at pains to eat a tomato. So are they a fruit or a vegetable? And how do you pick a good one?

    • Miss T

      They are a fruit, not at all related to tomatoes they just happen to look a bit like one.

      You can eat them from very hard to quite soft, they don’t really go off like other fruit do. The softer they are, the sweeter they will be but they tend to get a slightly slimy texture when they get very soft, which I don’t like. I eat them when they’re very hard like an apple, cut them into slices and eat them like that. I try to pick the ones with the brightest colour.

      They don’t have a strong taste like an olive, but it’s not incredibly mild. It is a little unusual. I think they taste like they have sugar and cinnamon in them, but apart from that aspect they’re a little hard to describe.

      Here’s a deal: You make me that green smoothie and I’ll cut you up a persimmon and we can have them with rose tea :)

      • Linzi

        hahaha! deal! :)

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